zaterdag 23 juni 2007

No Name Series III FINISHED !!!!

The series


De No Name Serie is eindelijk klaar!!! Ik begrijp er niets van, op de één of andere manier heb ik niet goed geteld of ik ben er één kwijt. Ineens had ik er maar 8 meer. Enfin, ik heb me er maar bij neergelegd. Het was al lastig genoeg om ze allemaal een eigen karakter te geven. Door de leuke reacties die ik er op gekregen heb, heb ik toch besloten om op deze manier door te gaan. Ik had eerst nog wat twijfels over het ophangsysteem maar ben nu overtuigd. Bedankt allemaal voor de leuke reacties. Ik heb ze allemaal een eigen naam gegeven en dat heb ik geweten, als je kiest voor een naam als Twilight vraag je er ook om; ik wilde ze vandaag op de foto zetten en zag dat ik de eyelets in de onderkant had gedaan. Hoe komt het toch dat ik dat gisteravond niet heb gezien :-) en hoe los ik dit nu weer op?

The No Name Series is finally finished!!! I don’t understand how come, but one way or another I didn’t counted well or I lost one? Suddenly I only have 8 pieces. Well then, I accepted it. It was difficult enough to give them all there own character. Because the nice comments I got, I decided to go on this way. I first had my doubts over the hanging system but now I am convinced. Thank you all very much for the nice comments.I gave them all there own names and I might have known when you give a piece a name like Twilight, you ask for it; I wanted to take the pictures today and saw I put the eyelets in the bottom. How come I didn't see that yesterday evening :-) and how do I solve this?

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Purple Missus zei

These are fabulous Jacqueline. I think they are some of the best pieces you have made. I wouldn't worry about the eyelets in the 'Twilight' piece being in the wrong place. They are all wonderful.

Papoosue zei

These are amazing Jacqueline. I LOVE the colour combinations you have used - fantastic.

Waltraud zei

An excellent work, especially the combination of fabric, colour and design.

Doreen G zei

I agree with Waltraud this is indeed an excellent series.By the way did you notice that "wicked" had 3 eyelets.
Why don't you add another eyelet on one of the others but say on the right hand bottom side and put the 2 on the top of "twilight" and call it a desighn feature.

Debbi B zei

Jacqueline - these are all fantastic and work so well as a series - very eye-catching. If it was me I would just add eyelets as a decorative element on all four corners on all of them but then I tend to love symetry! You really made me laugh about the ninth one!! Debbi B

AnneJeu zei

Proficiat! Wat een heerlijk gevoel hé. Weer iets af! Ze zij goed! Nu op naar de volgende UFO's...

StegArt zei

They all look great. I love the addition of the red, it really makes everything pop.

Peggy zei

Absolutly great. I like the texture and the colors. There is an fantastic work.

arlee zei

These are all fantastic, as is all your work!! You are quite an inspiration!
Can you change your english translation to a lighter colour on the black though--i don't know about anyone else, but the red on black is REALLY hard to read with these old eyes!!! Please please please???

Dianne zei

You are so talented!! These pieces ae brilliant - great colours and compositions - well done!!!