woensdag 27 juni 2007


Gisteravond moest ik twee wasmanden wegstrijken en om het nog enigszins leuk te laten lijken en het gevoel te hebben nog iets creatiefs te hebben gedaan waren mijn laatste strijkklusjes vliesofix op een ondergrond. De vliesofix had ik een tijd geleden al eens geverfd en lag nog steeds in een hoekje. Ik moet eerlijk toegeven: Het strijken wordt er echt niet leuker op. Nu nog verzinnen wat ik er mee ga doen. De paarse is absoluut niet mijn kleur heb ik al bedacht, dat is een grote vergissing, zonde van mijn vliesofix.

Yesterday I had to iron two full laundry baskets and just to make it more satisfying and to get the feeling that I did some creative things my last to pieces to iron where Bondaweb on a background. The Bondaweb I painted some while ago and was still in the closet. I have to admit: Ironing is not getting more enjoyable. Now I have to figure out what to do with it. The purple one is not really my colour I decided, it is a big mistake, pity about my Bondaweb.

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Susan zei

You had painted Bondaweb (or, in the USA, WonderUnder) from a while ago? How? I paint 10 to 15 yards at a time and seem to run out constantly! It is amazing how different approaches to fabric and fiber arts require different materials and supplies. I own at least six or seven irons and NEVER iron anything that isn't creative. Thankfully, my husband doesn't have an office job requiring pressed shirts! By the way, I think the purple piece looks quite nice!

Barbara zei

Time will bring good ideas to you about this bondawebs! I know!

Debbi B zei

Hi Jacqueline - You really make me laugh - I just love reading your blog! Two whole baskets of ironing - I would be a basket case! Re the bondaweb, I think all the pieces are lovely and the purple one would be fantastic with some stamping and stitching and maybe some beading as fabric postcards or ATC bases etc. So far I have only used very small pieces in any one item but you have got me thinking about going bigger. Looking forward to seeing the Pelmet Vilene results too! Debbi B

Debbi B zei

Me again - I just tagged you (it was my first time) - hope you are able to participate but if not I understand of course! See here - http://debbibaker.blogspot.com/2007/06/think-pink-7-random-things-7-tags.html

Papoosue zei

I know you will do something interesting with these pieces Jacqueline! I sympathise with you over the ironing - I've just done a huge pile myself - I loathe it!

Waltraud zei

I love to paint Bondaweb and often I´m not satisfied with the colours. But most of all I used for little things or for collages. I´m looking forward to your results.