dinsdag 16 oktober 2007


Dianne tagged me for telling 7 things about myself.
Well what can I tell that you don’t know already?
Let’s see…

1. I am very organized….at my work, I have a clean desk policy. My study at home is a complete mess..
2. I have a real time problem; I seem to get never enough of it. Or maybe I have too many hobbies?

3. When I can’t do anything creative for two days I get very nasty and you don’t want to be around!

4. At the moment I live in the country, but I am very fond of the city too. Only my husband doesn’t agree with that.

5. I collected almost anything, that’s why my study is such a mess, I love flee markets

6. I am not so fond on candy, but can’t resist chips and cheese and I love Italian food.

7. I definitely spend too much money on my art stuff; I hope my husband doesn’t read this :-)

I have to tag 7 other bloggers now; let’s see….. I don’t know if they are already been tagged:

Waltraud, Peggy, Gunnel, Eva Nyberg, Marion Barnett, Papoosue, Elaine Kerr

Sorry ladies ….

4 opmerkingen:

Peggy zei

Sorry ??;.-))
You are certainly curious?
Thanks so much.

Debbi Baker zei

I know tags can be a bit of a pain but they are so interesting to read!! I love finding out things about my favourite bloggers! I will remember the food bits for when you come to visit (I am working on the theory that eventually you will get to see our wonderful country and if you do, I have to meet you!!)

Gunnels blog zei

thank you so much for been tagged, but I have already been tagged from Dianne too! Read what I write here:

But I like to read about your, and your blog is lovely :-)

Dianne zei

It's nice to read more personal things about my favourite cyberspace buddies.