zondag 7 oktober 2007


As you maybe noticed it already, I finally accomplished to make some maps of my work. Now you can see all pictures in their own category and you don't have too browse to the whole blog anymore.
I am pretty pleased with it. It was quiet a job. It took me whole Saturday evening to download them in the right map and this morning when I checked, I saw that there where some pictures double, so I reorganize them again. You can find them on the right side of the blog.

De derde serie ATC’s heb ik Tule genoemd. Op de rommelmarkt in La Voulte (Frankrijk) had ik een geweldig mooie kantachtige stof gekocht, soms lijkt het goud, soms ook zilver. Een andere leuke bijkomstigheid is dat er dicht geweven stukken in zitten en open stukken die je helemaal uit kunt rafelen. Ik heb er dan ook al veelvuldig gebruik van gemaakt, ook in fabric book I. Er zat vijf meter op de rol dus ik kan nog wel even vooruit. Tevens heb ik nog een aantal meter zwarte kant gekocht en een aantal mooie koperen ornamenten. Inspiratie genoeg dus. De basis bestaat uit hand gemarmerde stof (mijn laatste stuk, moet nodig nog eens wat bij maken) gestempeld en geborduurd.

The third series ATC’s I called: Tule. On a flee market in La Voulte (France) I bought a beautiful lace fabric, the colour seems to change, sometimes it looks like gold, the other time it looks like silver. Another thing that is a nice side-issue is that there are some pieces that are really firm and some pieces have an open structure that you can easily torn loose. I used it a lot already, like in fabric book I. There was five metre on the cylinder, so I can go on for a while. I also bought a few metre of black lace and some nice copper ornaments. Inspiration enough. The base is formed by hand marbled fabric, (my last piece, so I desperate need to make more) stamped and embroidered.

7 opmerkingen:

Dianne zei

I really like these! The textures are great, and love the lovely muted colours!! The "eyes" are my favourite....

StegArt zei

These are lovely. They look very good all together in that top photo and would make a great framed piece of art.

Peggy zei

Very great. Can I hope for exchange?

Purple Missus zei

These are wonderful Jacqueline. Do you make one large piece and then cut it down to ATC size or do you make them all individually?
Thats a fantastic idea putting all your work into different categories.

Micki zei

These are fantastic. I love the texture.

Debbi Baker zei

Your ATCs are lovely Jacqueline - I love the soft evocative look of them. Your work on your blog is great too - must have been a lot of work!

sharon young zei

These a beautiful, Jacqueline, I love the layers that you have built up and the subtle hint of what lies underneath, very etherial!