dinsdag 2 oktober 2007

Part II Fabricbook Oceanic

Ook fabricbook I is eindelijk af. De titel is Oceanic, wat betekend in het Nederlands Oceaan of onmetelijk. Ik heb hierin heel veel gebruik gemaakt van schelpen en foto's van de zee. Er zitten diverse vakantie souveniers in, steentjes uit Porlezza, kant uit de Drome, papier uit Privas en de andere schelpjes komen gewoon hier uit Zeeland.
Fabric book I is also finished. The title is Oceanic, which means in Dutch Ocean or immense. I used a lot of shells and pictures of the sea. There are a lot of holiday souvenirs in it, little stones from Porlezza, lace from the Drome, paper from Privas and the other shells are just simply from Zeeland. (where I live, we also have a lot of beaches)

7 opmerkingen:

Kim zei

Just lovely - wonderful colors.

sharon young zei

Hi Jacquelines

I love your style of working and all the beautiful souvenires you put in the journal. The lace is particularly effective.

I shall enjoy returning to your blog for a further look.

ominnimo zei

I love the colours and textures on your book. They look really good.

Waltraud zei

Das ist ja megaschön geworden. Man kann das Meer so richtig vor sich sehen!

Purple Missus zei

This is gorgeous Jacqueline. You have really captured the essence of the ocean in this piece. Well done.

Eva zei

Wow you have wonderful things in your blog so beautiful!

Dianne zei

I would love to look through this book - what a treasure!!