donderdag 4 oktober 2007


De tweede serie ATC’s heb ik nog geen naam gegeven. Ze zijn gemaakt van zijdepapier. Ik heb het eerst verkreukeld en daarna op de kaart geplakt. Je kunt hiervoor ook gesso gebruiken. Helaas heb ik maar weinig kunnen ruilen in France. Iedereen was al uit geruild vrijdag. Jammer….

The second series of ATC’s have no name yet. They are made of silk paper. I crunched it first and than glued it onto the cardboard. You can also use gesso for this. It is a pity I couldn’t trade many ATC’s in France. On Friday everyone was already done trading…..

5 opmerkingen:

Debbi Baker zei

Hi Jacqueline - I have been trying to catch up on your posts and my goodness how can one person achieve so much while they are on a holiday!! You amaze me and everything is very interesting and beautiful too!

Susan zei

Your books are absolutely fantastic! I can honestly see the sense of secrets and mystery in the one book and the other really does capture the vastness of the ocean by concentrating on the small details of its coastline by way of the shells. Both are great works, perfectly constructed, and fabulously stitched. Your vacation photographs are likewise captivating. I hope, however, that there is no stress in returning from such a unpacking, paying bills, returning to work, answering letters, catching up on life...etc, etc, etc. Well, I hope you've settle back into "normal" life. I'll look forward to seeing your future, incredible work!

Purple Missus zei

More wonderful work Jacqueline. The colour on these ones is wonderful. I really admire your work.

Bev and Ollie "O" zei


I love your work!

Ik woon in Belgie in Kortenaken.

I am learning flemish!

Great work x

Sue B zei

These are wonderful Jacqueline - I love visiting your blog, I always leave inspired :)