dinsdag 24 juli 2007

Surprise Post

sorry I made this pictures yesterday evening late, the colours are not that orange for real, I am still searching out this camera. I finally got rid of the boldness.

Gisteren kwam de post met twee enveloppen, 1 van Albine, zij is een Belgisch die in Frankrijk woont en een envelop van Peggy. We hebben samen ATC’s geruild. De ATC van Albine is heel rustig van kleur maar heel lief met die kleine opgenaaide bloemetje van lint. Peggy’s envelop was weer een grote verrassing! Ze doet er altijd wel iets leuks bij, geweldig!!!! We hadden samen twee ATC’s geruild, dus buiten de twee ATC’s die ze terugstuurde had ze er ook heel kleine fotootjes bij gedaan en wat Duitse postzegels.
Fantastisch, die komen wel goed van pas! Ik ga ze zeker gebruiken en zal je het resultaat laten zien binnenkort. Hartelijk bedankt allebei!!!

Yesterday there where two envelops in the mail, 1 from Albine, she is a Belgium lady that lives in France and one from Peggy from Germany. We traded ATC’s together. The ATC from Albine is very delicate from colour and has some cute little ruban flowers. Peggy’s envelop was again a big surprise, she always put some nice surprises in them, great!!! We switched two ATC’s together, so next to the two she send me, she also put some little pictures along with it and some German stamps.
Really great, they come well at hand!!! I certainly are gonna use them and show you the result in a while. Thank you both very much!!!

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Susan zei

Yesterday I read several blogs...but not yours. I always save your blog until there is time enough to really LOOK at the photos and study the stitching and to pay attention to your words.

It is quite a shame about your camera problems. When I've had a problem, I've always had to buy a new one. Most often, the repairs cost as much as a new one. Fortunately, I've got PhotoShop on the computer and can correct problems with coloring. It isn't the "professional" PhotoShop. It is the software sold to high schools for teaching the program. I got is free from a teacher because her school already had it. It is amazing how good it is.

I like your use of Tyvek. I've tried using it a few times but haven't really found a way that suits me. Yours look very good.

The is a wonderful balance in your stitched areas too. I really admire that. You seem to know where to stitch and where not to stitch instinctively.

The monoprint "sandwiches" look great. They have such an organic feel. I can't wait to see what you do with them.