donderdag 12 juli 2007


Fire Range/ Vuurlinie

Detail (brigther than the original colour, just to see the stitching)

In de omschrijving van mijn blog staat “open atelier en galerie”, maar soms is dit wel eens moeilijk. Er zijn projecten waar ik aan werk maar waar ik soms niets van op mijn blog kan laten zien omdat ze nog niet eerder gepubliceerd mogen zijn, zoals bijvoorbeeld de quilt voor Houston. Deze dingen kosten wel tijd. Dus soms kan ik niets bijzonders op mijn blog zetten omdat ik mijn tijd in een van mijn andere projecten heb gestoken. Op dit moment ben ik ook druk bezig voor mijn expositie, dit wil ik ook allemaal niet van tevoren prijs geven want dan komt er niemand meer kijken. Maar omdat ik mijn blog open atelier noem wil ik toch iedere dag laten zien waar ik mee bezig ben. Een dilemma….Vanavond komt er van werken niets. Ik heb twee quilts verkocht die vanavond opgehaald worden, ook dat kost tijd. Dus als afscheid; een foto van de quilt Vuurlinie en een van Silence.
Vuurlinie heb ik al lang, dus het doet wel een beetje pijn….

The description from my blog says: “Open atelier and gallery”, but sometimes it is difficult. There are some projects that I am working on that I can’t show on my blog because I can’t publish them on forehand, like the quilt I am working on for Houston. These things still costs time. So sometimes I can’t show nothing special on my blog because my time is taken by other things. That doesn’t mean I don’t work hard, I hardly take a night of. At the moment I am working on my exhibition, I don’t want to show that on forehand either because otherwise nobody shows up. But because I call it an open atelier I want to show every day where I am working at. A real dilemma….Tonight I am also not working. I have sold two quilts and tonight they come and pick it up, that also costs time. So as a good by; two pictures from the quilts I sold Fire range (I don’t know if that’s the translation?) and Silence.
The quilt Fire range I have for a long time, so this good by hurts a little…..

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AnneJeu zei

Proficiat, maar ik weet dat het je toch pijn doet...

Carol zei

congratulations on the sales Jacqueline, it is difficult to keep up with the blogging when you are busy with things you can't show

Micki zei

Congratulations on your sales.

Debbi B zei

Hi Jacqueline - I think you worry too much. I love your blog because you always have interesting posts and you show a lot of your art but it shouldn't make you feel that you have to show something new all the time. I bet you have lots of photos of creations from before you blogged that we would all love to see! Both of the sold pieces are really interesting - lucky new owners!

Purple Missus zei

Your blog is always interesting Jacqueline and we know how hard you work too. Well done on the sale of your pieces.

Susan zei

Hi! Congratulations on two sales! It is always a wonderful day when pieces made with love and personality go to new homes. I am sure the wise owners know that they have just purchased years of experience and a little piece of you in addition to a work of great artistic beauty.

Working toward an exhibition is always difficult. There are always too many things to do that take up much more time than planned. I am very lucky, in one sense, no one will be coming to my exhibition. It is at a university gallery. Students and faculty will see the work...but there is no reception, there will be no sales, and no one in my area reads my blog (that I am aware of) no one with any appreciation of textiles and embroidery will see my work. Thus, I've posted images. I am so happy that there is a supportive committee to see the work.

It is important to me to have such an exhibition. I live in an area that seems to judge artists on their background and proper arts education. I don't have a degree in art. I've never studied it formally. I don't have years of experience making art either. I've been at this for just over six years. Thus, I need to exhibit in an academic setting. It is as close to being "acceptable" as I can get.

I hope your exhibition has a real reception and good sales. It is always a bit scary until the first "red dot" for a sale goes up!

Last week you left me a comment on my blog. You asked what I planned to do with my new embellisher. This is something I've been thinking about all week. It was an important question, and I thank you for it. It has forced me to stay experiment wisely and not just to "play". It made me think about why I wanted it in the first place.

I have been working to learn this new machine so that I can put it to work for me! I plan to use the embellisher to create small, functional scarves and cards etc. I need to make things that will sell since most of my exhibition work tends to be more expensive. It is always such a challenge to use time wisely. Thank you so much for helping me keep on target!

You are as wise as you as talented.

Waltraud zei

Congratulations on the sales, don´t worry, we are loving your blog!