dinsdag 27 november 2007

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melted organza
silk paper on canvas
melted organza
Ik ben een paar dagen weg en ben 3 december weer terug! Ik hoop met veel nieuw materiaal. In ieder geval hier nog wat foto's ter inspiratie! Dit zijn vier details van werken die al eens in zijn geheel erop hebben gestaan, nu in macro.

I am away for a couple of days, and I’ll be back on the third of December. I hope with lots of new pieces! Here are some pictures for inspiration.
These are four details from pieces that I
posted once, now in macro pictures.

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Hi Jacqueline, these are very interesting and inspiring experiments! Thanks for sharing. Your fabric books and the sculpture in your picture-show are great too, very nice surfaces you have created there.
Have a good time wherever you may be:)

Waltraud zei

Viel Saß unterwegs und danke für die Anregungen!

sharon young zei

Hi Jacqueline
These textures are great. I especially like the tyvek experiment , the colours are super , can I see blue stitches in the close up?
The melted organza is brilliant too, the addition of the beads is a perfect accent to the piece.
I'll be away too, so I'm glad I won't be missing anything!
Have a great time :-)

Frances zei

I like these textures and many things on your blog, I hope you have/had a nice time away, thanks for sharing,

giuseppe zei

the silk paper on canvas is gorgeous.

did you create the high relief on purpose or was it an accident? I find whenever I work with the heat gun, it's often out of my control.

"Silk paper" is silk hairs all glued together, isn't it? (almost like making wool felt)