zondag 4 november 2007

You make me smile award

Ilka has nominated me for the: You make me smile Award. Well that is a nice one, maybe that is because I don't have to do a lot for this one, only nominating other people. Well there are a lot of people that make me smile every day. Just because they write such beautiful posts or just because they are my friends or my beloved ones.

The one that truly makes me smile everyday, sorry fooks, none of you can beat this one:

my granddaughter, with her cutest smile

and my niece Evi, she's also my little princess

my husband, he has a great sence of humor

my sister, who is also my best friend

both my childeren can make me smile sometimes, can't tell details here

and there are my friends and blogfriends

Annette, I' ve warned you yesterday

Lynda, thank you so much for being a friend

Debbi, same to you girl

Dianne and Doreen, I seem to have a lot of aussie friends, love you all

and than my german friends

Waltraud, Peggy, Barbara and my newest friend Diana, liebe gruse

Emmy, mis je blogposts, alles goed?

I should mention a lot of other friends that make me smile every day, when I come home from work and had a hard day....thanks friends!!! But I shall leave some space to passed this lovely award on.

5 opmerkingen:

Waltraud zei

Vielen Dank für den smile award. Ich freu mich auch jedesmal, wenn ich deinen blog aufmache und die schönen Sachen bewundern kann. Wünsch dir ne schöne Woche und viele Gelegenheiten zum Lachen,
liebe Grüße

Debbi Baker zei

What a lovely post Jacqueline! All your Aussie friends want you to come and visit!!

Peggy zei

Thanks so much. It`s right: I can`t see on you blog.... it`s not a good day for me...you know what I mean.

Diana zei

Dankeschön :)

Purple Missus zei

Thank you Jacqueline. I feel so honoured that you call me a friend.:)