vrijdag 16 november 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Hard gewerkt maar nog geen eind resultaat, in ieder geval een klein tipje van de sluier. Hier ben ik vandaag mee bezig geweest....
Worked very hard today but nothing finished yet, just a little peek on what I have done today....

7 opmerkingen:

verobirdie zei

A galaxy ?
It is beautiful and full of texture!

Waltraud zei

Das sieht ja traumhaft aus!

Debbi Baker zei

Such a glow comes from this one Jacqueline - your quilting is so wonderful too!

sharon young zei

Hi Jaqueline
Haven't been on your blog for a couple of days, internet connection problems. You've been doing some great stuff as usual. These samples are gorgeous, it makes a change to see something worked in black and as Debbi says the quilting's perfect. The gold just sets it off.

Susan zei

This new work is absolutely stunning. The contrast catches my eye first...then what I can see of the the design...but the best part is how perfectly the stitching integrates with the whole. I cannot wait to see the entire thing.

Emmy zei

ziet er spannend uit je laatste foto,s kan ik niet zien ????

Vivian zei

interesting patterns on a neutral background ... a little glitter and you have a wonderful peice!