zondag 4 november 2007


Vanaf het eerste moment dat ik het Tyvec papier heb gemaakt wist ik dat ik iets met kranten wilde doen. Nieuws is nodig om ons dagelijks denken te beinvloeden. Het geeft connectie met de wereld om ons heen en helpt ons een mening vormen en daarin verder te groeien. Nieuws is niet altijd positief en ook niet altijd objectief helaas. Ik wilde met dit kunstwerk laten zien wat vaak ten grondslag ligt aan het nieuws, de achtergrond zeg maar: Geld. Of het nu om oorlog gaat of om natuurrampen en hongersnood. Alles draait om politieke macht en geld.

From the first time that I made the Tyvec paper I knew I had to do something with newspapers. News is necessary to keep us daily thinking alive. It is a connection with the world around us and helps us to form an opinion, and to grow in our thinking. News is not always positive and unfortunately not always objective. I wanted this art piece to show what is behind the news very often: Money. If it is war or natural disaster or famine. Everything is about political power and money.
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Carol zei

I love the top piece Jacqueline, there is always something magical about doorways, and I like the way the newsprint peeps through the paint.

Nelleke zei

Ziet er weer spannend uit!
Werken met kranten is mij ook al zo goed bevallen.

sharon young zei

Hi Jaquelines
I like the bottom one of the three because the numbers on the newspaper look like collumns of currency figures which links back to the gold, but the whole thing is softened bu the blue flowers.
The gold has worked really well on the wooden frame in you previous post.
Well done on your 'smile' award!
Thank you for your comment on the pic, I was pretty pleased as I'd never done anything like that before! and I didn't expect it to work!

Susan zei

You are so right! Money does seem to be behind too many things. Your work is an excellent way to subtly focus attention on this fact. Your experiments seem to be working perfectly! Great effort; greater ideas; and the greatest results.
Keep it up!

Waltraud zei

Schön geworden, auch die Farben!

Diana zei