zondag 11 maart 2007


foto 3 Detail
foto 2 Kapot gesneden en gestikt/ Cut into pieces and stitched

Foto 1 De lap nadat hij gedroogd is/ The rag after its dry

Dit weekend ben ik met een ander experiment bezig geweest. Rubber. Ik heb rubber gemengd met diverse kleuren acrylverf. Ik heb het op een grote plaat uitgesmeerd en het een nacht laten drogen. Hierna heb ik het in stukken gesneden en opnieuw aan elkaar gezet.

This weekend I started another experiment. Rubber. I mixed the rubber with various colours off acryl paint. I spread it on a large screen and let it dry for a night. After that I cut it in pieces and sewed it together again.

5 opmerkingen:

Doreen G zei

That looks very interesting Jacqueline-was it hard to sew?
What made you think to work with rubber?

Sue B zei

This is very cool Jacqueline. Can you tell me a little more about this rubber that you used?

Dianne zei

Jacqueline, I think it looks great!! The colours you've painted the rubber are fantastic. What sort of rubber is it - what was it before you painted it?

Micki zei

Very interesting piece. I am curious also as to what kind of rubber you used.

Jacquelines blog zei

For Micki, I couldn't find your mail adres: The rubber I use is in a bottle, it's a bit like a tick, dirty coloured milk and you can mix it with al kinds of acrylpaints. You can spread it out on a sheed (it doesn't stick) and let it dry. It's dry in about 24 hours.
You get a short of fabric after that, it's very elastic.