zaterdag 5 januari 2008

Computer problems

No blogpost today and maybe not tomorrow either. My main computer is broke and is (maybe) fixed on monday. I am writing this from the laptop but it has no photo program so I don't know if I can install this tomorrow. I shall give it try.

4 opmerkingen:

sharon young zei

So sorry to hear of your computer problems, hope you get it fixed soon.

Susan zei

I hope your computer problems are quickly behind you. I really wanted to comment on your is great to see so many images of work, one after the other, that I have admired so much. I look forward to seeing the art you produce in 2008.
PS I love my heat gun too!

Nelleke zei

Leuk begin van het nieuwe jaar! Sterkte,computerproblemen.......daar
wordt een mens niet vrolijk van!

web winkel zei

Prachtig een pretige nieuwjaar