dinsdag 11 december 2007

Book Cover

In plaats van dat ik me bezig heb gehouden met de dingen die ik nog moest afwerken…..mijn machine stond nog steeds beneden op tafel naar me te lonken en ik kon hem niet weerstaan. Boven op mijn werkkamer heb ik geen plaats om er nog een bij te zetten, en normaal zit hij altijd in de koffer op zolder. Voorlopig wil ik hem toch nog even wat beter leren kennen en laat ik hem nog even beneden staan. Dus ben ik een beetje aan het spelen geweest met vilt en organza, hier tussen zitten verschillende siergarens. Ik heb er een boekomslag van gemaakt voor een kleine ringband. Deze ringband wil ik gaan gebruik om proefjes of kaarten in op te bergen. Ik ben niet helemaal tevreden over het ontwerp, ik kreeg het er niet strak genoeg om dus heb ik een gedeelte met de hand genaaid maar het zou makkelijker moeten kunnen. Ik heb nog zo’n boekje liggen, dus ik ga het gewoon nog een keer proberen. Het goede nieuws is dat mijn strijkmand in ieder geval weggewerkt is :-)

Instead of finishing the things that I should…, my machine was still downstairs on the table, tempting me and I couldn’t resist it. Upstairs in my study there is no room to store another machine, normally it is in the attic in his trunk. For the time being I want to get to know it better and I leave him downstairs.
So I was playing a bit with felt and organza, with some fibres in between. I made a book cover from it for a little ring binder, a bought a while ago. This ring binder I am gonna use to store little experiments or postcards. I am not satisfied about the design, it wasn’t tight enough, so I did some sewing by hand, but this should be easier. I have a second ring binder, so I am gonna try again. The good news is that my iron basket is empty!

I decided to take part in the challenge from Sharon B. I admired the Tast pieces on several blogs, but a piece every week was too much for me. Now it is once a month I want to give it a try. Normally I am always very busy and for that reason I don’t do that many challenges. If I commit to something like that I want to finish it and not have to say: Sorry, I can’t participate this time because I don’t have the time. So, I am very curious how this is gonna work out. If you didn’t here about the challenge, please check her blog.

7 opmerkingen:

Barbara zei

Oh, what a texture...love the book cover...I see you are busy with many things ....playing here and playing there....Warmly Barbara

sharon young zei

Hi Jacqueline
Lovely book cover , the colours and textures are super, What did you mean when you said it wasn't tight enough? Did you mean the fit around the note books own cover?
I was interested in Sharon B's new challenge too I like the idea of a monthly challenge, I don't think I could commit to anything more as I'm too busy.
I have a solution to the ever full ironing basket, I don't do it until I need something to wear and most modern fabrics don't need ironing!!
I was very interested to hear you say that you don't drop the teeth for FME, I have tried it that way and it does give better control , but I always worried that it would damage the machine. I think I'l try it on the Brother though as there's less to loose on that one.
I've been looking at the Aurora since your post , it looks a lovely machine, and not so out of reach pricewise as the Artisa

Viola zei

Gorgeous work as always, Jacqueline.Love it!

Peggy zei

A really good book cover. Thats my colours too.

Purple Missus zei

You've convinced me Jacqueline. This is what I will do next, a book for my experiments so that I can keep them all in one place with a record of what I did - which will be much easier than trying to guess each time :)

Debbi Baker zei

This is really gorgeous Jacqueline! Such rich colours. I'm joining the Take it Further Challenge this year as well - looks like being a very active challenge group judging by the number of people who are going to participate. I look forward to seeing what you do (as it is always so interesting!)

Vivian zei

Your book cover has wonderful texture. I have one to do for a swap I've been working on. Perhaps I can work it into sharon's challenge!