vrijdag 31 augustus 2007

Embellisher friday

Dit is het stuk van vrijdag, iets meer mijn ding. Ik heb de embellisher op Lutrador gebruikt, deze met de hittefohn bewerkt en daarna het complete stuk weer op een ander stuk vilt vast gemaakt met de embellisher. Ik heb hier op de achterkant gewerkt zodat het zwarte vilt er aan de voorkant door komt.

This is the friday piece, more like me. I used the embellisher on Lutrador, used the heat gun on it and than layered the complete piece on another piece of black felt with the embellisher.
To do that, I worked on the back side of the layers, so that the black felt shines threw the front.

2 opmerkingen:

Susan zei

I really like the pieces you are doing with the embellisher. You might easily incorporate pieces of them into other work. Also, I find myself working from the back too! I've liked how a piece of felt can change the texture and color of almost any piece of fabric if worked from the back!

I'm going to Pennsylvania this weekend to visit my parents. The trip is a ten or eleven hour drive...one way. We have a holiday here on Monday. I wish I could be in my studio instead...but it will be a blessing to visit my Dad while he is recovering from his recent surgery.

Debbi Baker zei

Hi Jacqueline - I haven't worked from the back yet but I have liked the back best on some of my early embellisher experiments! These are intriguing and I am very curious as to what you will do with them?