vrijdag 16 januari 2009


Before the pain in my shoulder started I was busy with these mixed media pieces. They are very hard to photograph because they are framed after glass. I tried it several times but each time you saw me reflected in the glass. These are the best pictures. In the mean time I am still on pain killers, I can move my arm a little bit better but the pain isn't gone. The doctor thinks that it is caused by my back, so she won't inject anymore. I have to go to a chiropractor. I'll couldn't reach him at the moment, so I'll hope it will be soon. Thank you all so much for your kind comments, I really appriciate it. I did a little bit sewing this week, but I can't sew very long. Painting is easier because I still have my right arm that I can use. I'll post my experiments this week.
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7 opmerkingen:

Helen Suzanne zei

I do like these pieces J. How big are they?
Maybe a heat pad would be nice on your shoulder - it's a horrible pain I know.

Carol zei

Hope your on the mend soon Jacqueline

Julie zei

I'm glad you have a little more movement Jacqueline. I do hope it won't be too long before you are better.

Gunnels blog zei

Lovely pieces! I hope you get well soon! It´s horrible with pain in the shoulders, you can´t do much about it I think, but wait, look at TV ?!

sharon young zei

Lovely pieces, Jacqueline, I like the black mount and frame, it works very well with the subjects.
Good to hear that you can get on with something creative, I hope the pain clears up soon.

Sandra zei

Beterschap Jacqueline. Heb van de zomer ook iets dergelijks gehad. Irritant he.

Viola zei

Klasse Teile, Jacqueline! Great artwork! :o)