zondag 11 januari 2009

Keeping quiet

Well for everyone who wonders why I didn’t write for a couple of days. The flu is over but I kept a bad pain in my shoulder all the time. I first thought it was muscular pain caused by the flu. I went to the doctor and it turned out to be a infection of the bursa (slijmbeursontsteking)
I have to keep quiet for a week, with heavy painkillers and when it is not over on Friday they are going to inject the shoulder. So I am writing this with my good hand, only in English because it takes to long. Sorry if I don’t answer you personally…As soon as the pain is less I’ll try to blog again and in the mean time I am trying to find something creative that I can do with one arm, any suggestions :-( …….?

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corryna zei

Ach Jacqueline wat vervelend. Mijn moeder heeft dit ook. Ik hoop dat de pijn snel afneemt en die injectie niet nodig is. Rust is fijn, maar gedwongen rust niet. Doe maar rustig aan met je arm en ook als de pijn afneemt. Want, zoiets wil je niet meer terug.


p.s.:antwoord maar niet. Dat komt wel weer een keer.

Emmy zei

heel veel sterkte ik weet hoe vervelend dit is en ja mischien wat neuzen in je boeken kast

Janny zei

Is niet leuk, beterschap gewenst..!

Pat zei

That sounds so painful,get well soon

Genie zei

Hope the shoulder is better soon.
you could do some dooodles or sketches using your other arm

Julie zei

Oh Jacqueline, poor you! I do hope your shoulder recovers quickly. Maybe a good time to catch up on some reading or, as Jean (Genie) says, some doodling. Take care.

Viola zei

Oh Jacqueline, so sorry to hear that! Hope you are feeling better soon! Big hugs!

Shirley Anne Sherris zei

How frustrating for you. Hope it heals up soon.
A chance to play with Corel and learn how to use it.

lindacreates zei

I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with this. I have suffered with inflamed muscles and had shoulder surgery eventually, totally different than what you are dealing with, but the pain the same. The best advice I can give you is DON'T sew! Read, relax, take good care of you so you can feel better sooner. God Bless!

Anoniem zei

O Jacqueline wat vervelend voor je.
Ik wens je heel veel sterkte en een spoedig en goed herstel toe en eh...doe je een beetje rustig aan!

Hartelijke groeten
Anna Lemsma

sharon young zei

You poor thing, I hope it gets sorted soon.
Maybe you could relax and watch some favourite films.

Sonja zei

Beterschap Jacqueline, en dat je schouder ook weer snel beter is nu heb je wel de tijd om boeken te lezen en ideeën op te doen.

Debbi Baker zei

Hi Jacqueline - sorry to hear you are in pain BUT you must listen to your body and rest!! Read or watch movies - you will be better off in the long run (really!)

Nelleke zei

Van harte beterschap!

Helen Suzanne zei

oh dear, this does not sound good. The only thing that can be suggested is painting on an easel maybe? I would suggest holding a wine glass but maybe not with painkillers! Get better soon