zondag 18 januari 2009


Some of the experiments that I painted last week. They are all painted with silk paint. I am started to get grumpy now that I can't work every day. Now that the dokter told me that it is part my back that causes the trouble, I'll know that it will take more time than I hoped for, and I have so much work to do....
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MargaretR zei

I love your experiment results.
But you are 'in the wars' as we say here. Problems with your credit card and pain in your back and arms. I hope everything will be better fr you soon.

Genie zei

Hope you will get better soon
love thes experimental pieces

pascale zei

I'm sorry to hear that you have problems with your back and your shoulder. Hope you recover very soon

Doreen G zei

I know exactly how you feel Jacqueline--I am still sitting with my leg in the air and I can't do much either.

Julie zei

Also as they say here, "Keep your chin up!" I hope you'll soon be painfree and working again. Maybe there is some reading you would like to indulge in while you cannot work on your projects, or music to listen to?

I love the textures in the experimental pieces.

Doreen K. zei

Sorry you are still in pain. Love your experiments, especially the colors in the last one. Maybe if you changed the height of your work table, that might help.

Viola zei

Super geworden!!!

sharon young zei

Lovely colours and textures coming on here, especially in the last one.
So sorry to hear that your recovery is taking longer than you hoped, the only thing to be said for it, is it is an enforced rest, nothing to do but 'go with the flow'.
Hope it eases up soon.
Glad to see you are able to still post, though, we miss you when you're absent.

corryna zei

Mooie structuren en kleuren Jacqueline.
Knap je al weer wat op? Je bent volgens mij iemand die altijd bezig is met het maken van creaties. Daardoor lijkt het me extra lastig als je niets kunt. Wel veel idee├źn, maar je kunt ze niet uitwerken.


Beate Knappe zei

Get better soon!!!!