dinsdag 16 september 2008


Ik zit al een tijdje hiermee vast, vanavond ben ik nog een poosje hier mee aan de slag gegaan maar het licht begint 's avonds nu weer al slechter te worden. Dus ben ik er weer maar mee gestopt, beetje frustrerend, na een vreselijk drukke dag wilde ik nog iets ontspannends doen maar het wilde maar niet lukken. Misschien ben ik met teveel projecten tegelijk bezig op het moment??? Ik ga het maar even tot het weekend wegleggen denk ik.

I am stuck with these pieces for a while, tonight I was working on them but the light is allready getting worse in the evening. So I stopped, a bit frustrating, after a really hard day of work I wanted to do something relaxed but it wouldn't work. Maybe I am busy with too many projects at the same time??? I think I will put it away till the weekend.
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Carol zei

These are wonderful especially like the middle two,

Carrie zei

I love them - love the colours and texture. Is it lutradur? I would happily frame them as they are.

Doreen G zei

I agree with Carol they are wonderful

tiedyejudy@yahoo.com zei

These are beautiful! Can you describe your process so far? I especially like the first one... it reminds me of paintings by very old Masters, with the soft evening light...

Purple Missus zei

These pieces look like landscapes. They really are wonderful.
What materials did you use?

sharon young zei

I agree with the general comments, i think these pieces are lovely, especially the second one down, the colours and textures feel very organic.

neki desu zei

wonderful work!

hope you don't mind my nominating you for the i love your blog award.
check my blog for details

neki desu

Heather zei

I love all these pieces - they are just wonderful, and when you are feeling less stressed you will be able to do something beautiful with them. They are an excellent starting point.