donderdag 24 juli 2008

Journal and book

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Susan zei

Hi Jacqueline!
I just spent the most wonderful time reading all your posts from June and July! I've been so busy that reading blogs is something I can't always do....but I can't imagine a time when I will not finally get around to reading every one of your posts.

Like you, I am also a pacifist. Thus, I especially admired your book featuring the three young soldiers. It really speaks to me. The manner in which you assembled the book, the selected images, and your stitching really made this book very, very special.

I've enjoyed seeing your other book in progress. You are amazingly talented and quite diverse. The workshop and exhibition posts are all excellent too. I like how you've incorporated the chenille cutter in your work.

You made me laugh too about YouTube. I hardly ever visit it because it can simply overtake all available time!

I am busy getting the CYBER FYBER contracts in order and will be sending yours in a week or so....too much to do! Not enough time...but, today, reading your blog has been wonderful!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Sam Marshall zei

Wonderful work, Jacqueline. Love this journal.

Odile zei

Very, very beautifull. I like your work. Congratulations. odile