vrijdag 11 april 2008


I’ve got a second award nomination for Art y pico by Gunnel and a nomination for the blog "that brought her inspiration and made her appreciate the blogosphere!" by Laurence. Thank you both! I think this is a nice occasion to give this nomination to 10 Dutch bloggers. We have lot’s of lovely Dutch blogs but I chose only the ones that write in English or
Bi-lingual so you all can read them. Here are my nominations:

I don’t have to tell you about Cramzy, I think she is very well known international, so:



and the last one is a stamper, I like the way she always share very generous images with everyone; Nancy
And they sure come at hand sometimes. Well that's it, have fun!

6 opmerkingen:

Wil Opio Oguta zei

Thanks for the nomination!

sharon young zei

Hi Jacqueline,
Congratulations on your last to awards , you becoming quite a celebrity in Blogland, and quite rightly so. Your blog is a constant inspiration to all who come here, and I for one have learned so much from the unselfish sharing of your knowledge :-)
Thank you for your comment on my post, I have very little idea of how to turn this design into a textile piece, other than a vague desire to make something quilted!!

corryna zei

Kom ik op je blog, zie ik ineens mijn naam staan. Wat een verrassing Jacqueline! Kom later nog eens op mijn blog ;-)


corryna zei

Ken je deze al? http://littleworksofart.blogspot.com/
Ik zag 'm en dacht meteen dat jij dit wel leuk zou vinden.


Sam Marshall zei

Double congratulations!!!!

Emmy zei

dank je wel het is wat laat maar ik hoop dat je me dat niet kwalijk neemt
ik ben er zeer verrast dat jij me een award geeft nogmaals dank je wel