zondag 18 juli 2010


Next to the embroidery piece I am working on, there's is a lot of pieces that needs finishing like these two pieces with the silk rods. Finally I am satisfied! By the way, the details are better and more like it than the complete piece....Thank you all for your good wishes......

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christina zei


Doreen G zei

Lovely work Jacqueline--I hope that you are feeling much better now.

Suus zei

Ze zijn prachtig.

Julie zei

These are beautiful Jacqueline, really beautiful! Is that sea fern you have used in the red piece? Or is it some kind of plastic mesh? I hope you are feeling a bit better today. Get rid of that nasty germ properly this time :o)

sharon young zei

These are brilliant, really exciting textures, I love being able to see really close with the magnifying facility, great colours too, very inspiring.

The Happy Apple zei

Fabulous colours...I absolutely love the textures and warmth.