zondag 29 maart 2009

New Book

And this is what I did with the paper, the beginning of a new book. I haven't got much time to blog at the moment. I am still emptying the kitchen, wich takes a lot of time. The coming three weeks are very difficult to get some work done. The house is really a mess, moving boxes are all over the place......
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4 opmerkingen:

Sam Marshall zei

Your book looks amazing!

sharon young zei

Beautiful pages, Jacqueline, the different textures in
the second one work really well together. I like this layout of lots of different pieces all working together.

Marlis zei

Jacqueline - I would like to present you with a Kreativ Blogger Award.
Just go to my blog and copy the award if you're interested.

Viola zei

Traumhafte Sachen hast Du in letzter Zeit gemacht, Jacqueline! Ganz klasse! :o)