dinsdag 28 oktober 2008

Mixed media

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Waltraud zei

Hi, das sieht ja toll aus!

Doreen G zei

I love the little tins Jacqueline which reminds me that I have some but I just have to remember where they are.

Gunnels blog zei

Wonderful tins!

dawn in slo zei

Hello Jacqueline,

I too have been working more in a "fibre collage/mixed media" bent as an outgrowth from my quilt art. Truly, I began more in the vein of mixed media and fabric than "quilt art," but the reaction I received was mixed, at best. So I followed along with what the other art quilters around me were doing.

Now when I show my work, people keep going back to my first works and say that these pieces they consider my best. I guess the old adage that you should follow your heart has proved true. So now I'm back to my beginnings, but it feels right and good. Fortunately I am now confident in being different and that not everyone "gets" my work.

Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful work!
Dawn Perry
California, USA

Viola zei

Deine neuen Werke sind alle wunderschön, Jacqueline!! :o)