vrijdag 16 mei 2008

Just got home, the traffic was horrible. Sorry. I am too tired to tell about the master class. Here are some of the pictures, they don't do well on the original piece ( too dark allready) We made a book from the techniques from the class.
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Julie zei

These look interesting Jacqueline. Enjoy your holiday!

Sam Marshall zei


Laurence zei

Very nice book. Fabulous !

corryna zei

I especially like the first page your showing. I must have been fun working on it. Did you learn anything at the course? Was it fun?


Gunnels blog zei

Yes, these look very interesting out! Beutiful!

Stitchety Grub zei

Looks like you had a great time ... I am looking forward to hearing more about it
Britt Western Australia :D

Waltraud zei

Wunderschöne Dinge! GAnz toll!
Liebe Grüße

Susan zei

Hi Jacqueline!
I've finally caught up with your blog. Please forgive me for being away so long. I loved reading about every page of your book, about the exhibition, about your UFOs and going on holiday; but, most of all, I enjoyed your many thoughts. I can relate so well to your post about "being and artist" and how find it difficult to categorize your work. I also enjoyed your post about "change" and can relate to it as well. Thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful photos and how you approach art. Your work is wonderful. Your mind is amazing!

Diana zei

Schön Deine letzten Arbeiten! Hoffe Dir geht es gut- liebe Grüße!

Aussie Jo zei

Looks like you had great fun at the class. I've been reading your blog and wondering what angel wire is and where you get it??? Your art is very inspirational.

rivergardenstudio zei

What wonderful artwork you create, and I love your blog! Thanks for sharing, Roxanne