woensdag 13 februari 2008

Blog News

postcard by Susan Lenz
Yesterday somebody left a comment on my blog that linked to a pornsite. How disgusting, why do people do things like that? So I change the security of my comments, I'll approve them first before they appear on my blog. What a pity that this had to happen.

Some good news: Laura from Trapsuutjies has started her own blog. This pleases me very much, she is a real inspiration especially when it comes to dyeing and painting.

You can visit her here : Laura . Tonight I have a meeting, so no time to work. But tomorrow I have a free afternoon, TIME TO WORK.

I almost forgot: my beautiful card from Susan Lenz arrived today. It is gorgeous. You can still trade with her on CYBER FYBER, don't miss this opportunity.

4 opmerkingen:

Laura zei

Thanks a lot Jacqueline. You are very kind and I am looking forward to working with you on our planned projects this year!

Doreen G zei

Lovely card from Susan --and it is terrible that some people have to spoil the blogging world with their trash--sorry that it happened to you.

sharon young zei

What a lovely PC I can quite see why you chose it !
So sorry to hear about this horrible person who thinks it's funny to spoil things. Oh well! I suppose there will always be people like that around.

Susan zei

Thank so much Jacqueline for your support with CYBER FYBER and your nice comments!