zondag 8 november 2009

Melting pot

Working on one page of the book, I thaught about the melting pot I bought a while ago. I wanted to make a combination of Utee and fabric but it wasn't that easy. It looked like it wasn't hot enough because it wasn't fluid enough. There was still a lot of Utee in the pot that I don't want to waste, so I decided to make some ornaments with soft sculp. This is the result, I am going to give this another try with a different kind of Utee......

3 opmerkingen:

sharon young zei

You've got some very exciting effects here , Jacqueline, it's not a technique I know anything about, but it looks very effective.

Viola zei

Super schön!!

Gunnels blog zei

Great textures and colours! Thanks for comment and visit on my blog :)