donderdag 13 maart 2008

TIF Update

Nu figuurlijk gekeken, ik heb er nog eens over nagedacht en kwam op het volgende idee:
De kleine dingen, details, mensen die je leven opvrolijken…die collega die je soms net weer even met een grap door een heel drukke dag heen loodst, de marktkoopman met zijn grapjes wanneer je net even een glimlach nodig hebt, een leuke reactie van een mede blogger die je aan het lachen maakt. Een van de kleinste dingen in het leven, maar oh zo belangrijk is een lach. Zo kwam ik op het woord clowns. En dat spreekt me wel aan…..Een warme glimlach naar jullie allemaal…..

Now figurative looking at TIF, I thought about it and came across the next idea: the little things, details, people that brighten up your life….the colleague who helps you with a joke threw a very busy day, the salesman on the market with his jokes, when you could just use a smile, a nice comment from a fellow blogger that makes you smile. One of the very little things in life, but so valuable is a laugh. So the word clowns came in my mind. And that is something I like to develop very much……A warm smile for all of you….

9 opmerkingen:

Laura zei

Bedankt Jacqueline, je hebt helemaal gelijk: een glimlach kan je hele dag veranderen! Een warme lach ook voor jouw.

Pat zei

Your clowns are charming, as are your thoughts. Thank you for making my day by leaving a comment!!

Doreen G zei

And a big warm smile back to you Jacqueline

sharon young zei

What a lovely picture, the little one on the chair looks as if she's going to cry, though.
The idea of working with clowns sounds very exciting, good luck with it.

Cyber Fyber zei

Hi Jacqueline!
I know it's been such a long time since I could really sit in front of my computer and stare at your wonderful work. I've been so busy with CYBER FYBER that it's been almost impossible to keep up with other blog reading. Yet, over the past few days I've been organizing the trades and creating labels. This requires me to "copy and paste" blog addresses...which, in turn, has allowed me to peek in to several yours. I have so enjoyed looking at your work. The marbled papers are wonderful and I'm excited to see the new quilts you are making for your busy year of exhibitions! Well...back to work now!

Anoniem zei

dank je wel, dit had ik effe nodig.
een onbekende lezer.

Debbi Baker zei

Looking forward to seeing what you do with this idea - I am not a fan of clowns (I think they are a bit scary really) but these two are just adorable!! I have started on my TIF - a quilt collage of small squares the idea of which came from your photo montage of little things. I'm doing it with some beautiful Japanese fabrics that I have been treasuring but now I can honour the detail (the small things) in their patterns and colours.

Janny zei

Geweldig Jacqueline, vooral als je dit leest op een druilerige zondagmorgen.Voor jou een brede glimlach terug!

MargaretR zei

I agree with everything you say Jacqueline, a little smile can make all the difference.