dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Time flies

Time goes so fast at the moment, I can't hardly keep up with it. My husband is in France at the moment with a cycle tour and I spend a lot of time on the livestock:-) They miss him so much, because he spend so much time with them. So I am running around to work and back home again. I do want to go upstairs to my study, but they look so sad that I leave them alone again, so I can't.....LOL
I am soft, but who cares, look at these lovely faces.....

5 opmerkingen:

Fran├žoise zei

They're so cute. You can't leave them!

Doreen G zei

And we can all see who runs the household Jacqueline --but they are so cute.

Margeeth zei

Die zijn groot geworden (vooral de rooie!)

Janny zei

Wat een lieverds, maar mijn voorkeur gaat uit naar die rooie natuurlijk....hij lijkt op onze verdwenen Pedro..snif !

Julie zei

They're all beautiful Jacqueline, no wonder you can't bear to leave them. Don't you love it when cats wrap their paws over their noses? :o)